The secrets of knitting factories — How your best sweater is created

The secrets of knitting factories — How your best sweater is created

published 15.11.2023
The historical journey of clothing production

The intricate landscape of the global fashion world, where trends shift like seasons, still preserves a craft of timeless elegance. Knitwear is an art that combines passion and dedication to its craft.

Let's delve into the rhythmic sounds of knitting machines and the intricate dance of threads, which, under skilled hands, transform into exquisite products. Creating knitwear goes far beyond simple fashion. It is a story of tradition, resilience, and deep commitment to quality.

Knitting history of the dynasty: a two-decade journey

The Ponomarenko couple laid the foundation of their craft over two decades ago. Starting as a small artisanal business, it transformed into a large-scale production that fulfilled orders for the most renowned designers and major global brands and created a significant legacy.

Their son, Arthur, raised amidst the hum of equipment and the warmth of wool, now stands at the helm of the garment manufacture. Yözh has provided consumers worldwide with quality knit sweaters without intermediary markups for many years, underscoring the Ponomarenko family's continuous contribution to the knitwear industry.

Knitting history of the dynasty: a two-decade journey
Brand founder Arthur Ponomarenko and his parents, Andriy and Iryna, are famous knitters who guarantee Yözh quality and stay at the origins of knitwear production in Ukraine.
Knitting on a machine: step by step explanation

In the world of knitwear, there’s a unique story of perseverance and purpose, where each stitch is an essential element and a testament to a rich heritage of craftsmanship.

Merino wool is one of the best in the world for clothing production. It is used to create a yarn that turns into your favorite sweaters.

Choosing the right type of yarn

The journey begins with selecting the best yarns for knitting, where preference is given to the finest merino wool and certified cashmere. This choice not only defines the luxurious appearance of the clothing but also reflects a commitment to ecological and ethical materials.

We collaborate only with certified yarn manufacturers because it is fundamentally important for Yözh to have materials that comply with global standards. For example, the main supplier of our garment manufacture is E.Miroglio, an Italian provider of the best merino wool in the world. Follow the link to read more about our yarns.
By choosing women's knitwear from Yözh sweater makers, you save money and buy quality things without extra mark-ups.

Design development

Creating sweaters on knitwear machines is an art of precision. At this stage, the garment's design takes shape to guarantee a perfect fit. We carefully consider every detail to ensure the final product is harmonious with aesthetics and comfort.

Moreover, even though in the knitwear industry, traditionally, the role of the design of products isn’t considered very important, Yözh reconsidered this idea. When creating the design of sweaters, we consider all anatomical features so that each product fits perfectly.

Each fashionable sweater begins with a highly complex pattern for knitting on a machine. Discover more about what happens behind the scenes of knitwear production in our articles.

Program development for knitting on the machine

Behind the scenes of knitwear production, technology meets traditional values embedded in the products. We develop knitting programs with modern software that guides equipment to create sweaters automatically.

Sophisticated software allows us to turn designs into programs that are understandable to industrial knitting machines. This is a very challenging process that requires attention and high skill.

Attention to each stage of knitting on a machine is the key to creating quality clothing.

Knitting on Stoll machines

The rhythmic hum of German Stoll knit machines brings a designer's vision to life. The most advanced equipment operates with Fully Fashion technology, eliminating the need for cutting pieces as they are fully knitted on the machines. This guarantees a perfect fit and high quality, while reducing yarn costs, which influences the price. Each detail of your sweater is a testament to the craftsmanship and innovation in production.

We pack machine knitwear in your favorite shoppers to give you even more smiles and warmth.

Final stitching and quality control

The final touches involve joining parts to create a cohesive whole. This meticulous process demands precision and attention to detail, ensuring that each product meets strict standards set by the artisans. After stitching, each sweater crafted by our knitters undergoes a wet-heat treatment to soften the natural yarn and prevent shrinking when washed at home.

Before reaching your hands, our products undergo rigorous quality control. From the integrity of the stitches to the fabric's softness, nothing escapes attention, ensuring the perfection of ready to wear garnment.

The knitwear industry transcends mere clothing; it embodies a narrative woven from tradition, resilience, and craftsmanship. Supporting local sweater knitters secures the industry's future and nurtures a bond with the rich heritage embedded in each knitted item.

Wrapping ourselves in the warmth of these creations, we become part of a narrative that transcends fashion, embracing the spirit of a community that continues to evolve against all odds. Follow the links to explore the catalog of women's and men's sweaters from the manufacturer.

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