Yözh Manufacture Dynasty
Let’s go have a glimpse at Yözh backstage. And we definitely should start the tour from our production facilities which is the asset we really take pride in.

Yözh Knitwear Lab

Our history reverts back to 1999 when Andrii and Irina Ponomarenko started a family business which made its way from a small manufactory performing occasional gigs to a successful full-scale production working with famous brands and fashion houses.

That’s where all of Yözh comes from and that’s where our top quality sweaters are created on the best Stoll equipment born in Germany. This together with the Fully-fashion technology makes Yözh production also fully eco-friendly.

Knitwear production

Knitwear production is a skilful, sophisticated and complex process extending far beyond the knitting machines and involving a whole team of professionals who always do their best for an uncompromisingly ideal result. Learn more about the way Yözh sweaters get through from wool to garment in your wardrobe.

Equipment maintenance

At Yözh we pay a very special attention to our equipment maintenance as this is a prerequisite to the quality and cleanness of our products as well as to high speed of knitting, so that our production capacity stays high which in its turn allows us to come up with our best competitive and affordable prices on the market!


Therefore, to guarantee the quality and continuity of production, it is necessary to carefully and correctly maintain the equipment according to all standards and regulations stipulated by the German manufacturer of Stoll knitting machines.