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Woolmark logo is a modern synonym to quality and a symbol of trust in the eyes of both consumers and wool producers. For over 50 years of its history more than 5 billion woolen and wool care products have been Woolmark-certified guaranteeing extended durability, seamless performance and exceptional quality. Here are some figures and facts about Woolmark.


global consumers associate Woolmark with quality according to surveys.


consumers always look for the Woolmark logo when shopping for clothes.


respondents agree that clothes with the Woolmark logo are really worth paying more.

20 million

in 2020/21, Woolmark's marketing activity reached more than 20 million consumers.

58 million

Woolmark's marketing programs generated more than 58 million impressions in 2020/2021.

5 billion

more than 5 billion products have been Woolmark-branded during its more than 50-year history.

Consumers nowadays are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their purchasing behaviour. And when it comes to buying clothing, they want to make sure they contribute to the ecology.

Therefore they prefer clothes made from quality and environmentally friendly fibers and 42% of millennials say that their purchasing decision depends on what materials the item is made of.

Woolmark Licensing

Woolmark Licensing is a quality assurance and certification program. 
When consumers see the iconic Woolmark logo on products they confidently perceive it as a guarantee of quality and value and therefore don’t hesitate to pay more for Woolmark-branded products.

Woolmark has managed to earn and retain consumers’ trust  for more than 50 years. The Woolmark logo has appeared on more than 5 billion products since the creation of the original brand in 1964. Their logo certifies the quality of fiber content to both end consumers and suppliers.
With an international network of offices and wool resource centers Woolmark has created a unique opportunity to deliver sustainable solutions to the ever-changing global marketplace. 

There are 3 main categories of Woolmark certification:

Pure new wool

Products made of 100% new wool

Wool rich blend

Products made of 50% - 99.9% new wool

Wool blend performance

Products made of 30% - 49.9% new wool

Independent testing

Independent testing is provided by a global network of authorized laboratories to ensure that products meet Woolmark standards. These laboratories guarantee the independence of methods and results of the certification process.

These tests also undergo regular checks to make sure that the tests are adequately rigorous.


Five WoolMark tests