Yözh | Freely Breathing
Yözh is one of the most eco-friendly productions in Ukraine and not only among clothes producers!

For many years the light industry has been a notorious leader for pollution. That's why for Yözh as a responsible brand creating a nature-friendly production was crucial. Moreover, we aimed to draw attention and show by example that the fate of the planet and a future in which everyone could afford to breathe freely depends on us - the people.

Yözh is a completely environmentally friendly production that offers top quality clothes wearing which you take care of the environment. At Yözh we have a joke: "the only not eco-friendly thing in our stuff is the scotch tape that delivery services use to seal the parcels." We are aware of our responsibility as trendsetters on the Ukrainian clothing market. After all, if not us, then who?


In addition to our choice of the best Stoll knitting machines famous for their incredible energy efficiency and quality of knitting we also carefully program them to prevent yarn overuse. 

That ensures that every inch of yarn is used to knit a sweater and not to be cut off as waste. In addition we do not use any polluting substances for our equipment maintenance.


We use only the best 100% natural eco-certified wool and cotton which guarantees no harm to the environment and no sense of guilt to our customers ;) 
By the way, our acrylic is also environmentally friendly! While others keep saying  “it's impossible” we just do it.

Quality and durability

Our philosophy is responsible consumption, so all our sweaters are durable. With proper care they are sure to last much longer than only one, two or even three seasons without losing their perfect look. We do not seek to sell more but to sell the best clothes of the best quality.
We do not support so-called “fast fashion”. Yözh is about the philosophy of “slow fashion” through responsible consumption!


Bad surprises do happen but we at Yözh never let them go unnoticed. Though very rare, production flaws are unfortunately inevitable. But instead of throwing away flawed products we always send them back to yarn producers where all the defective items get turned back into yarn. That means we do 100% recycling.


Legends are made about our shoppers. Songs are written about our boxes :) 
Yözh is responsible and careful about the packaging. Always being eco-friendly is our distinguishing feature. By the way, our shoppers are perfect also as a separate accessoire. Stylish, high quality and eco-friendly, of the unusual design, they are nice to take with you instead of something conventional but less environmentally friendly. Join our fight for the environment!