Yözh Team
We are glad to welcome you to our world — World of Yözh . Like every world, it is created by people. So who stands behind the globally recognized brand? We open the veil of secrecy and introduce our team to you.
Founder and CEO
Arthur Ponomarenko
Yözh brand owner and CEO. A person of truly exceptional enthusiasm and perseverance.
At the age of only 17 he followed his dream to create something valuable and meaningful. Despite his parents and close friends being almost the only people who believed in success of his entrepreneurial effort and constantly facing loads of ageism, peers’ ridicule and even partners’ distrust on his way he never gave up! That firmness resulted in a dedicated and enthusiastic team of professionals who are now successfully making the exceptional quality products at affordable pricing all over the world.
Now years on he is still working 48 hours a day managing the operational activity of his business, dealing with promotion and content creation, even personally interacting with clients, because, as Arthur says: “a true general must never lose touch with the battlefield”.
Brand Origins, CPO
Andrii and Irina Ponomarenko
Andrii and Irina Ponomarenko are Arthur’s parents and the people who initially stood behind Yözh. Passionate for knitting, the couple made their thorny 30-year-long way from a small manufactory to a successful full-scale production working with famous brands and fashion houses. When their son grew up they welcomed his desire to join the family business and start his own project out of it. Together they made a dynasty of knitwear producers with professional secrets shared between generations. Andrii and Irina are guardians of the family values of our brand.


As years passed, Yözh family and dream team also welcomed a number of skilled professionals. Meet:

Nick Shkuratov
PR director
Mykyta Shkuratov is our PR director and the founder of Zirka Production. It is thanks to his 200 % ever-effective professionalism and talent that public had an opportunity to hear about Yözh. He manages the photoshooting, advertising, celebrities involvement, campaigning and cataloging for our brand.
Snizhana Chuichenko
Our fairy of letters and magister of paragraphs or simply the smart Yözh copywriter. All you are reading gets from under her talented pen.
Bogdan Boiprav
Digital creator
A true contemporary artist and a digital magician. That’s him who makes our videos so juicy and bright. He really makes the difference!


All our clients who often turn into regulars, all other professionals involved in our projects and all those who support our brand are all together making it happen! We are grateful to all of you from the very depth of our heart!