Laundry Care Symbols Explained: Decoding the Main Rules

Laundry Care Symbols Explained: Decoding the Main Rules

published 14.10.2023

Впевнені, кожен з нас хоч раз задавався питанням: «Що ж означають позначки для прання одягу, які ми бачимо на бірках?» Адже якщо деякі з них ще можна вгадати, то аби розшифрувати інші, треба обовʼязково лізти в Інтернет.

Без паніки! Yözh пропонує повну розшифровку найрозповсюдженіших значків для прання і дає пояснення, як же їм слідувати, аби зберегти ваші речі.

What do the symbols for laundry on clothing mean?

Below, we have presented the most well-known symbols used in most countries worldwide according to the universally accepted system. We recommend saving this article to avoid losing any information.
Very delicate wash40 °C (or 30 °C) very gentle washing
You can wash garments in the machine. To do this, reduce the amount of laundry in the washing machine so that the drum is filled no more than a third. It is best to use the wool or delicate materials cycle.

Hand wash
Hand wash at a water temperature from 30 °C to a maximum of 40 °C, depending on the specific garment. First, dissolve the detergent in a large amount of water so that the clothing floats in the solution. Do not rub, pull, or wring. Then rinse the clothing well and gently squeeze out excess water before removing. Do not leave items lying in a wet state.

Do not wash
If there are similar laundry washing symbols on the tag, the item cannot be washed. It may be sensitive to any type of wet treatment or unsuitable for washing in a regular washing machine.

Do not bleach
A triangle with a diagonal cross (St. Andrew's Cross) indicates that bleaching is prohibited. Use only detergent without bleach.

Do not tumble dry
If you see similar laundry symbols on garments, it means that the item cannot be tumble dried. Such clothing should not be placed in a dryer, as this may lead to shrinkage.

Gentle drying
When you notice on the clothes tag such laundry symbols, remember to be cautious when drying in a dryer. Choose a gentle cycle with low temperature and short duration.

Iron at moderate temperature
These symbols on care labels imply that you should iron the item with a moderately damp cloth according to the "wool/silk/polyester/viscose" setting. A steam iron can be used. Do not press hard on the clothing.

Professional dry cleaning
Professional dry cleaning is necessary/allowed. Commercial spot removal agents based on solvents can be used with some limitations.

We are happy to help you take care of your garments and do everything to make the garment care process as simple and comfortable as possible. Visit our page where we explain how to remove stains from clothing to learn more.

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